Why I Recommend Coaching

I launched H2 Ministry in March, 2016 with the goal of leading hundreds, if not thousands, of pastors through my Hope & Health Workshop. While that is still my goal, an interesting thing has happened in the meantime: I have gotten a lot of interest from pastors wanting me to coach them. Honestly, I'm not sure why. But, I wanted to use today's post to explain why I recommend every pastor hire a pastor coach.

You Can't Do Ministry Alone

The vast majority of pastors minister in isolation. They are the only pastor on staff and have no other person to share the burden of ministry. Hiring a coach will give you another person to share ministry with.

It Helps to Have a Sounding Board

For several months, I have met with pastors from the church I attend. We will meet for coffee or breakfast and will just talk about how things are going for them, as one pastor to another. A lot of times, I just let them talk and I listen. Sometimes, I will offer advice but even when I'm listening I do it actively, providing empathy to their situation in ministry.

Having a "sounding board" helps all of us. I know I do my best thinking out loud, as I talk through a situation I'm dealing with, and I know many pastors feel the same way. It helps to have another pastor listen to you who can understand what you are dealing with in ministry and then can offer advice, when needed.

It Helps to Have Accountability

When I coach a pastor, I recommend meeting twice a month. I can coach either by phone or Skype but either way it is important to have a consistent pattern so that you have accountability.  When I coach, I have it on the calendar so I know not to have anything scheduled during that time slot. And having a set schedule also provides accountability for the pastor I am coaching, so he can plan what to talk about when we meet over the phone.

It Helps to Have an Encourager

In Acts 4:36, it says that Barnabas means "son of encouragement." Every pastor needs encouragement, no matter how many people they minister to. The Apostle Paul had arguably the most prolific ministry in the New Testament church and even he needed encouragement. If he did, then all of us definitely need it today. 

I talked with a pastor recently who said, "I pour out to my people all the time, but I don't have anyone to pour into me." That is one thing a pastor coach can do. Every time I meet with a pastor, I listen to them talk about their church and then I offer some encouragement to them. It doesn't matter what their situation is, there is always something to be encouraged about.

Pastor, I've given you four reasons why you need a pastor coach. If you're interested in hiring me as a coach, please call or text me at 864-332-9098. Also, if you want more information on my coaching, please visit h2ministry.com/coaching.