What is H2 Ministry?

Recently, I received a message on LinkedIn from a pastor in India who wanted to know what "H2 Ministry" stands for.  In this week's blog, I'd like to take the opportunity to explain the vision behind H2 Ministry and two services we provide.

H2 Ministry: What is it?

In January 2015, God gave me a vision to help pastors around the USA and potentially around the world. I'm convinced that pastors must be healthy in order to have healthy churches. In my experience, starting in ministry in 1989, I have rarely seen healthy, thriving churches led by unhealthy pastors. In fact, I've witnessed the opposite. I have served under pastors who found their identity in the weekly numbers--attendance and offerings--instead of in Christ. I have seen churches fail to thrive because they were led by an unhealthy pastor. Looking back, I can even see unhealth in my life that kept me from reaching my potential. I am convinced that the Church cannot reach this country unless it is led by healthy pastors. That's why I launched H2 Ministry in March 2016 and why I am so passionate about helping pastors become healthy and hopeful (the H2 in H2 Ministry).

Pastor Workshops

One way that we help pastors at H2 Ministry is through our Hope & Health Workshops. My goal in these workshops is to begin a conversation with pastors with the question: How are you? I'm not interested in how your church is doing, what your weekly numbers look like, and your plans for growing your church. I believe in church growth but I believe even more that a church cannot reach it's potential if it's staff is not healthy, especially its lead pastor. So, in the Hope & Health Workshops, I focus on the pastor as a person. I help each pastor examine how you are doing in your walk with Jesus, in your marriage, in your thought life, and in other things to help you see areas that need your attention.

Pastor Coaching

Another way we help pastors is through coaching. A lot of organizations do pastor coaching and they do a great job. In pastor coaching at H2, we again begin with the question: How are you? And then we listen. We are far more concerned with you as a person than what you do as a pastor. There is and will only be one you and so how you steward you--including your time and talent--is our primary concern.

So that's it. H2 Ministry exists to help pastors reach their potential by being healthy and hopeful. We are convinced that Jesus working through His Church is the only hope for the world and helping pastors is our mission.