Before You Vote: Three Things to Remember

Tomorrow is election day in America. The end is finally here. After a seemingly endless parade of attack ads, Americans will have the opportunity to express their response to the election process and cast their votes.

Pastor, before you vote, I'd like to offer three things for you to remember.

Your Vote Matters

Many election results are separated by just a few votes. We all remember the 2000 Presidential election that was decided by just 537 votes. Nationwide, over 100 million votes were cast in the election of Bush vs. Gore but the election was decided by the almost 6 million votes that were cast in Florida. To put things in perspective, those 537 people voting represented 0.0000895 of all votes for president in Florida! Your vote matters because you never know how close an election can turn out.

Politics Matter

Romans 13:1-7 tells us God has put authorities in our lives for our protection. In fact, all authorities over us, including government, "have been instituted by God" (v. 1). Just as parents have been put in the home as authorities to protect their children, so the government was placed in our lives for our protection. So, voting is our way of deciding who will be our authorities for the next several years.

Jesus Matters More

All political institutions are temporary. There are no politics in heaven because there is only one ruler and He is "King of Kings and Lord of Lords" (Rev. 19:16). Politics exist, in part, because of the power and prevalence of sin on earth. Political leaders serve to keep in check our sin nature that would wreak havoc if everyone did whatever they wanted to do. That's why our Founding Fathers included the phrases "insure domestic Tranquility" and "promote the general Welfare" in the preamble of the Constitution. They understood that the government needed to hold all its citizens accountable to a higher standard to insure the common good. But, in heaven, there is no sin so there will be nothing to protect us from.

Your vote tomorrow matters because politics matter. But Jesus matters more--for eternity. Next Sunday, after the election has been decided, continue to remind your church Who matters more.